ABS Plastic Electronic Housing Mold

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Plastic Housing Mold Making
  • Made by injection molding: S136, 1+1 family mold, cold runner
  • Material: ABS
  • Application: Cover/housing used for electronic products
  • Prompt delivery

Product Details

ABS Plastic Electronic Housing Mold

1. Mould Material

  - Mould Steel Checking(Hardness, flaw detection)

  - Mould Standard Spare Parts Checking (hardness, size, flaw checking)

2. Mould Making Process

 - Design checking (part design, plastic toilet seat lid mould design, mould engineering drawing)

 - Each part of mould's size checking after machining according to 2D drawing 

 - Mould testing (check mould running condition)

3. Mould finish

  - Check with customer's requirement again before mould shipping. 

  - Alll of the plastic toilet seat cover moulds will be well tested before the shippments. Videos and samples for testing the moulds are available according to client's requirement.

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